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Thursday, August 13, 2009

MDO advice

I need every mothers advice that has had her kids in Mothers Day Out. I am just wondering how the twins will adjust. They will be 20 months old when they start and I know that is a good age... well I at least think it is but my kids are very shy and attached to me. I am freaking out that the first day they are in MDO that I will get a call 30 minutes later asking me to come pick them up because they wont stop crying. Does every mother go through this? I am not worried about leaving them or that they are not ready I am worried about them not adjusting well. Any one out there have really attached kids that went to MDO and did fine?


Amy Jo:) said...

I so look forward to any comments you get! Noah starts MDO for the first time this fall and is sooo attached too! But, he is 2 1/2... hopefully I did not wait too long!

Wendy said...

They'll do fine. I taught at my kids' MDO program last year (3yr.olds) and the teachers are really good with the kids they teach! Of course there will be an adjustment period, but kids are so resilient, there's nothing to worry about! Enjoy it!

Rochelle Boneske Vaughan said...

Madeline did great at MDO...and now she loves it! I started her right after her second birthday. I didn't freak out (until I got to the parking lot afterwards) and so she didn't either. I think the boys will take their cues from you...if you make it seem like a great adventure or the newest, coolest place they will adjust just fine. Granted, there have been days when Madeline has cried when I left, but I stay calm, blow her a kiss and walk out like it is no big deal. I try not to simper or whine or coo and make sad faces and go on and on about "how mommy loves you"...that's bound to freak her out (why is mommy so upset, I guess I should be too). The teacher's tell me she never cries long. Most the time, we get inside, she bee-lines for her favorite toy or friend without a backward glance. Even though we only go twice a week, every morning she pops up out of bed, "let's go to school today"!

I am a firm believer that, with few exceptions, children will base their emotional response on their parents. I've seen some kicking/screaming/trashing hissy fits at MDO...but the moms were acting pretty nutty too. I've also seen mom's who leave crying or fretting...and so is their child.

If you worry that the boys might have a hard time, start dropping them off for only an hour or so, and then go get them...that way they learn that you aren't abandoning them with strangers and that you will always come back for them. Or make a couple dry runs when all you do is walk them in, let them play with the toys and see the other kids having a good time and then leave...that way it's a positive place to go. Or let your hubby or Grammy or good friend walk them in so they don't feel like they are "separating" from you. Let them "pick out" a backpack and lunch bag and show them all the neat things they get to have in it...make it exciting.

I think they will do great! And you will too! It is a big step when your baby starts "school"...but it is so worth it! Cleaning the house without interuptions, shopping leisurely or taking a big ole nap (or in my case, sleeping so I can go back to work that night) makes it worth a little heart ache. And nothing compares to the little fingerpaint pictures they bring home to you! Hope my advice helps!

Kelly Fisher said...

I know how hard this is going to be for you....but, trust me on this one!

First, the boys are going to sense your apprehension and stress when you drop them off. They WILL WILL cry! The best advice I can give you is to let the teachers take the boys...say "good-bye" then leave. Do not linger and prolong the tearful good-bye. Most MDO programs will understand if you call about an hour later to make sure the boys adjusted. The teachers should also call you if the boys don't settle down.

There will be many more moments like this...that's what parenting is, my friend! I mean, heck, Chase is starting his senior year on Monday...and I have found myself already on the verge of tears, too! :D