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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This and That...

Not a whole lot going on. Last weekend we went to the lake to get a change of scenery since we have been stuck inside with sick kids. It was good for about a day. They kiddos went crazy and we headed back home. Good news is... everyone is WELL.
Now I need some advice.
1. how to get rid of Brandon's paci
2. what to do about the boys not wanting to play together. Brandon will try and play with John but John seems scared of Brandon, he screams when he get close. How can I help this?

Here are some updated pictures of the back patio... its almost done :-)

We are putting cabinets next to the grill
This is the pattern we are using for the outdoor kitchen

John hanging out
Brandon hanging out
too cute


Ashhog said...

Love the patio and new blog look!

No advice on the other questions though. Sorry-we aren't even gonna try the paci thing for a while!

Staci said...

I have found with the paci that keeping it in the bed works for us. When Preston gets up from nap or in the morning he drops it in the bed and says bye bye binki.
I have no advice on the sibling rivalry. Boys will be boys.