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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Picture Overload

These past couple of days have been crazy. The boys are starting MDO on Tuesday so I have been trying to get everything ready for them. I have been a little stressed not knowing really what they need or what I need to get but things have calmed down and tomorrow we go to Meet the Teacher. I am super excited and pray the boys do well!

They wanted to dress themselves again! ONE SOCK

Some of our new patio furniture
Old furniture but cute picture anyways

My good friend Jenny and I made the boys nap mats for MDO. This is John's pattern
and this is Brandon's
Here is Brandon's nap mat, his name is being embroidered on it

and this is John's
This is the nap mat rolled up and flat

Brandon testing it out
John giving it a go
Brandon being Brandon
Brandon reading
John chillin
They actually are beginning to LIKE EACH OTHER!!!!

The boys kissed each other for the first time today!!!! TOO FUNNY


Ashhog said...

Don't you love how they are beginning to really play and have fun with each other. I love the kisses. So cute!!