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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Porch Update

We have a roof!!!


kdurec said...

How exciting! I can't wait to see your finished product!

The Myers Family said...

You will LOVE having a back covered porch..i don't think we could live without one anymore. We love in the rain-not that we get much, playing outside-even when it's hot, etc. The lady we bought out house from had one added on..i don't think we would have bought our house if he hadn't had one. They really make a house nicer..and i'm sure they add a little money on to it when you re-sell them too! Great time to buy patio furniture too..end of the season always helps with great deals at lowes/home depot,etc. Look for one of those 10% off coupons..if you dont' find can buy one for cheap on ebay! Good luck..can't wait to see the finished product!