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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Goodness Gracious

It feels like time is passing by so fast. I guess with daylight savings time, the days have been crazy. I feel like I can not put enough into the day to keep the boys busy... they are going NUTS, maybe it's the weather... I don't know! The kiddos did pretty well with the time change, they did not seem to really notice the difference except for meal times. I was pulling my hair out about 30 minutes before every meal because the boys were hungry and ya'll know how toddlers get when they are hungry. With the weather just being AWESOME we have been spending a lot of time outside, it has been fun to see them grow into true little boys who love getting dirty and truly want to be outside ALL DAY! One cool thing about being in a Moms of Multiple group is that you can get these pretty cheap from other MOMs.
They LOVE them

Want a lime?
Daddy and his boys!
Dirty faces but cute pictures of my boys!


2 Sisters 2 Seasons said...

I will come over and play with you guys....since I will have more time on my hands now! LOL