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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pre-Halloween 2010

** Be warned, PICTURE OVER LOAD**

Friday morning was beautiful, upper sixties and sunny so we headed out to the pumpkin patch to meet up a friend. We had a blast BUT I could barely get good pictures because the boys would not stop moving. I was in such envy of the moms there that had all their kids all together getting a family picture or even just a cute shot of their kids. Mine would not sit still. We still enjoyed every minute. The next two pictures were taken a a friend of a friend with a really nice camera! John was a super cute Woody, I encourage pajama costumes :-)

The next two pictures are from a friend of a friend who had a fancy camera!!
Brandon found his dopple ganger and would not leave it alone!

Obsessive much?

Fancy camera lady again! After the pumpkin patch we headed to Brian's office to trick or treat. It was such fun to see daddy at work!