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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

catching up!

Well I have been gone for a pretty long time. Not to sure why I have not updated, I guess I just never make it to the office where the computer is. Anyhow, the boys are great. They are loving their new school and always talk about the girls in the class.... that a boy(s)! Here are some pictures of everyone,my mom included. If you did not know, she was diagnosed with breast cancer this year and is in the last stages of treatment (ending the 11th of November). I am now able to include her photos ;-)

Fun at the Pine Forest Pool (it was FREEZING)

It's Fall ya'll!!!!
Silly String
Shaving cream paint

I am growing out my hair, my apologies for the hairdo... I got a pixie cut when my mom shaved her head!

Ready for the Noah's Ark parade at school

Did not want to wear the masks!!! BOO



The Siegert Family said...

hey there, where is this pumpkin patch at??

Bobbi said...

so sorry about your mom, courtney. i had no idea. hope she is doing well. prayers for you all.