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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2 year check up

The boys had their 2 year check-up on Wednesday. Things went really well and they are healthy and happy. They also got their first of two H1N1 shots.

33 1/2 inches tall (25:50%)
26 pounds (25%) --the string bean!
He is going to be seen by ECI (early childhood intervention) for his speech, he is a tad behind in saying words.
His words consist of: roll, ball, more, da, bu, bull, wa, duck, brea, tuc, blac, cha... he is trying so hard but he just cant seem to finish words, he starts and stops in the middle of the word.
The doc says that he is doing great but we want to be proactive if he needs some help.

34 3/4 inches tall (50-75%)
32 pounds -- (75-90%)
Brandon is doing great. He is saying anything and everything!
His words consist of: truck, roll, snack, cheese, chalk, more, why, no, bus, keys, ball, black, hot, boom, train, dada, run, juice, please, mow, rock and many more!
They are both into play dough and trucks. Brandon is having issues with the bath while John is a water baby! They both are becoming so independent, they want to drink out of real cups... which is such a issue. They stay awake in bed at night and play, can open and close any door, love to be outside barefoot, and are fascinated with fire! There is probably much more that they are into right now that I can think of.... this was just a few things that my two year old boys are doing!!!


Reba said...

hey sister (3 years younger than me) was also a little behind in learning to talk. when my mom took her to the doctor for it, he noticed that i could understand her and was "talking for her," so she had no incentive to learn on her own. i wonder if something like that is happening with the boys too. by the way my sister never stops talking now!