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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pool Time!

We ventured out to the Noah's Ark pool today for the first time and I think this age is so great for this type of pool. They are adventurous enough to do things alone but won't run off to where I can not watch them. It was such a hit and we will go back!!! Ellie and Brandon getting ready to go down the slide!

Ellie helping John up the rope, after this he could do it alone but always loved to have me with him!
Brandon ran around so much it was hard to get his picture, in and out of tunnels, playing on things and jumping around.
The rainbow slide!!!!!

Fun times
Lets go!!!
Brandon wanted to be in the "big" pool
Julia and John
Watching 5 kids is hard work!!!

We had such a good time!


Jessica said...

So fun! Your boys are getting so big!