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Sunday, August 8, 2010


What a busy week we had! Brian had a week off this past week due to getting a new job. So since we had daddy home we made the most of it and did as much as possible before the boys head back to MDO in a couple of weeks.
Lets see, Monday daddy went and had lunch with all his "old" co-workers so the kids had swim lessons and we played outside in the sun with a 103-109 heat index.
Tuesday we headed to the park before it got too hot then we had ECI and haircuts. John is doing much better with talking but we are going to be taking him to a private speech therapy to be evaluated to see if we can progress a little faster. I think it will help having the sessions out of the home.
The boys are growing up so fast, they are climbing up some crazy structures all on their own!


As you can tell they were HOT... it was only 9:30am

Wednesday we played at home till swim lessons then had a low key day before we had my mom and dad watch the boys so we could go to dinner and celebrate Brian's new job.
Thursday we headed to Galveston, Brian and I are not big fans of the beach, love the pool and lake but sand is just too messy. Of course since Brian and I are not fans the boys were. They loved it, who would of thought!! They loved digging in the sand, watching the waves, jumping in the waves and playing with mommy and daddy.

Then we headed to Moody Gardens to look at all the marine life. Brandon loved all the fish and his favorite were the sting rays while john was really in a good mood and ran around for the entire time we were there. It was so cute but exhausting running after him!

Thursday night we went to dinner with Brian's parents, Uncle Linc and our nieces. Brandon burnt his fingers on a lamp on the way into dinner, needless to say it was not the best of dinners but later that night we put his hand in some aloe and he wanted to wear mittens to keep his fingers safe, you like the outfit? He slept ALL night with those mittens..... too small and only one had had gotten hurt!
Friday we headed to the Blue Bell Factory with my mom. It was pretty cool and the boys loved the ice cream at the end.

The hats were a big hit... for all of 5 minutes!

Family photo op.

Then we headed to lunch at this really cute diner next to the airport, we were lucky enough to see two small airplanes take off. It was hot and we were tired though so we ate FAST!
That night Brian and I got our second date night of the week. Brian's parents were so kind to watch the kiddos over night. I will say we were up by 7:30 the next morning.... so much for sleeping in.

Saturday was low key and we went swimming and them dinner with my parents and Sunday was church and more swimming! Brian starts his new job tomorrow and our routines gets back to normal! Oh did I mention my intention for this week was to potty train? That did not really work out. Will try again in a month or so.


katy said...

They are so cute and it looks like you had a great time! I love your swimming suit, by the way. :) You are so tiny, I cannot wait to be skinny again. :)

The Synnott's said...

girl, its just the camera an bathing suit. i need to loose a few! the bathing suit is from limericki, best online modest swimwear i have found! cant wait to see pics of the new little one!!!