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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3rd Annual San Antonio Trip

This past weekend was spent in San Antonio with Brian's parents. This is our third year to drive up to the Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch and spend a weekend in the sun with the boys. This trip was by far the best, granted the boys are a year older which helps but we also did much more than just swim in a pool all day.
The drive up was all right. The boys only look about a hour nap but the dvd player saved us. You can't watch enough of Mickey Mouse! Thursday night we just spent hanging out and letting the boys run off some energy!
Here they are learning to play bean bag games
Thursday night Brandon fell out of bed and a couple o hours later he started to get sick. We thought he had a mild concussion but was able to talk, smile and even laugh a little with us so we just let him sleep with us the rest of the night. Needless to say we woke him up every hour and I got NO sleep!
We woke up Friday morning to cloudy skies BUT decided to got to Sea World anyways. It rained on they way but the moment we got out of the car it cleared up. John loved all the puddles and ran every where, he has so much energy... I think he is going to be a track star!
He is looking at the roller coaster
The Family, Brandon is in the stroller, he was a little tired from the night before but in good spirits!
3 generations of Synnott Men, they are watching the penguins
Took a break between shows so the boys could run around

The boys loved the boat show, they thought daddy was on one of those for awhile before he showed up (he was riding the roller coaster).
This was by far Brandon's favorite part of the day, he still is talking about wamoo, as he calls it.

After a good nap we spent the afternoon in the pool. It was a great pool for the boys, it had a very AWESOME beach entry and the boys loved running, jumping and scaring me to death.

Saturday we headed to the River Walk. We took a boat ride, had mexican food and shopped at the Disney Store.

Back at the pool Saturday afternoon

The boys had their first smores. They ate them deconstructed.... marshmallow, cracker and then chocolate. I just scarfed two down in no time!
yes, long sleeves in July... don't ask me what I was thinking

Sunday we woke up and headed to New Braunfels to take a train ride and eat at the Gristmill

We fed ducks, some mean ducks too! They were so crazy and way too close

shooing away a crazy duck!!


krogers1579 said...

Oh my gosh- these pics are favorite pic is the 22nd pic (yes I counted) the look on Johns face is PRICELESS!!!!