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Thursday, July 15, 2010

What fun!

These past couple of weeks have been jammed packed. we have had a lot of play dates and started swim lessons!
Last week we went to a friends house and met up with a few of our old Little Gym friends. It was super fun and the boys had a blast!
All grown up. It is so neat to see these boys sitting at a table eating lunch because when they all met they could not even walk!
SWIM LESSONS! This week has been crazy. Tomorrow is the boys 5th swim lesson and they are doing AWESOME! The first day they cried for 20 minutes out of the 30 minute class. I think what happened was that they cried because I was not with them and everything was overwhelming but then could not calm down after the initial shock.
John watching the other classes
Brandon showing mommy his colored chip for his class.
Tuesday was great, they cried going in but then had a great time. they played with toys, floated on their back and went under water. No crying.
Wednesday Brandon cried when he knew it was his turn to go under water but John had a blast and did great.
Thursday both boys did awesome, no crying!!! They floated on their backs (assisted) for about 45 seconds and went under water, grabbed rings from under the water and learned how to use the side of the pool to find a step. They seem to love it. John more so that Brandon but both have exceeded my expectations. So proud of my little men.

Hanging out at Uncle B and Aunt Nini's house.... going to go blind
Brandon is doing really well with learning to ride a bike, he is finally tall enough to rotate the the pedals.

First time they fell asleep in the same BIG BOY bed! Too cute!