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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What a weekend! (picture overload)

4th of July weekend was crazy! The boys and I drove through a huge rain storm to get to the lake Friday night, Brian met us there and we hung out with family for the entire weekend. My Great Aunt and Uncle came down for the holiday so it was so fun to have them there to see the boys. Uncle B and Aunt Nini came as well and we all were so tired by the time we got home Monday.
The pictures are a little out of order but you get the picture... a lot of time outside!!!! FIREWORKS.... boys still are not a huge fan.

The Grown-ups doing grown-up stuff.... FIRE!
Sparkles... as Brandon calls them. John calls them boom boom because big fireworks go boom, he says NO boom boom.

Rope swing. I have yet to do this

Happy 4th of July!
What a sunset
My boys

Uncle B went down the slide!
Needing to get out on the water
The boys LOVE to watch daddy on the yellow "boat"John always tells daddy which way to go

love it.

These next two pictures tells you John is my son.... we have the same smelly nose face.

The boys with their Great Aunt Sandra and Great Uncle Richard
Brandon taking pictures.... sorry for the next few

What a great weekend we had. Looking forward to next year when the boys will hopefully love fireworks and be able to swim in the lake!