The Synnott Twins

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Pictures Pictures Pictures.....

My new camera rocks.... Want some cake?
John loves blankets
Brandon loves daddy


Adam & Andrew said...

What an amazing cake!!

Bobbi said...

That cake was awesome! They are so chubby, I love it! Short, cute and chubby:) I'm glad you love your camera. The pictures look great. That's great they are doing well with the lack of swaddling. Hope the long stretches of sleep continue for them. Congrats on the baptism.
Keep those pictures coming! They are so sweet.

kdurec said...

Things seem to be going really well for you all! I am so happy. :) I am weaning Kendra from being swaddled right now. It's going alright... she's been waking up at night but it's not too bad. :) Hopefully soon she'll go back to sleeping through the night again!