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Thursday, April 24, 2008



John has decided he likes to get out of his swaddle in the middle of the night. It wakes him up and he start to get frustrated and cry so Brian usually gets up and swaddles him again.... isn't he nice!
So my question is.... how do we wean the boys off of being swaddled at night but not waking themselves up by getting startled by their arms?

Please let me know what you did.... we need help!


Ashhog said...

I asked about this on my blog a little while ago. We were doing the same thing-going in and reswaddling when they got out. We got some great advice-pretty much the same stuff-leave one arm out until they get used to that, then the other arm, and so on. However, we just went cold turkey and they did good. They do wake up sometimes around 3 or 4 and if we have already been in a couple of times to put pacifiers in then we just swaddle them then b/c we want to get some good sleep. :) I'm hoping they will just keep going longer and longer until they don't need it at all anymore. Anyway-cold turkey worked for us. Hope you figure something out soon!

Brandon Wade LLC. said...

Why don't you just start using duct tape on their rockin' swaddles like Mom amd Dad did for you?

kdurec said...

We are having the same issue. I think I am going to try going cold turkey as soon as I get home from PA. I don't want to mess with it while I'm here. :)