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Friday, September 11, 2009

Just some pictures

We spent Labor day weekend up at the lake while the boys were sick. John was getting well and Brandon was getting sick but we had a good time just being by the water. It got the boys away for awhile and got them distracted for a bit.
They are on a hunger strike right now with us and Brian and I are struggling with making them eat. I know they won't starve but my goodness this is not a fun time. They are really working us and it is truly hard to keep calm and remember that they are just kids and they can not TALK yet. I am not sure how to stop them from throwing food or what foods will entice them to eat. Yes, they have been sick and everyone is just now on the mend but I always worry!
One cool thing is John said bubble. It was a pretty cool thing since the boys are rambling alot but not talking yet. I was so excited to hear it but of course being a toddler, he only said it a couple times and has yet to say it again. Another awesome thing they are doing is playing with each other... it has been a year in the making but they are warming up to each other and I am in love with that.
Not much else is going on right now, life is pretty much the same as always... MDO, bubbles, cars, snacks, videos, chalk, cuddling, crying and finally sleeping!

Here are just some pictures from the past week.

John hates hats
Brandon posing for a picture
Brandon ?????
So they will eat fake fruit, why not the real kind?
The boys favorite drawer at JoJo's house

Brandon venturing out at the "Castle"

John had a blast at the "Castle"
This is a picture of the new boat... we love it!