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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Time is a changin'

I feel as if the boys are going through another learning curve. This time with table manners and eating. Ever since MDO, which has only been three times, the boys DO NOT want to eat in their chairs with their trays. I am not sure if it has to do with MDO and them eating at tables or just them going through something. They seem so hard to feed now where ever we are and I am losing my mind at meal time!
They are also talking ALL the time. I have no clue what they are saying but they do not shut up and it is too cute to hear them try and talk to me and tell me what they want. We all get frustrated daily :-)

I can not believe it is already September, in a few month my little babies will be TWO. I am amazed how the time has gone by but loving every minute of watching them grow up.
The weather here has been pretty decent so we have been spending a lot of time outside and I keep forgetting to take my camera, we are playing with bubble, playing water, taking strolls in the wagon and just hanging out learning new things. They are very interested in coloring but we have kept that to a minimum here at home because one wall in covered in crayon!

So here are so random shots of the boys.

This was today, even though John was getting sick he did want to spend a few minutes playing in water. We went to a BBQ this past weekend and the boys loved the toy where you write and then use the lever to erase (can't remember what it is called) but while Brandon was snoozing John had a good time trying it out.

Finally eating an apple. This boys is a picky eater!!!
More water time... what is it with toddlers and water hoses?
Hamming it up for momma

When John starts to get sick you can really tell. He just wants to sit with you... well when you are home alone with more than one kid it is hard to just sit around when the other kiddo is feeling great and wants to play! So we went out in the back and let Brandon have his time in the water.
My little poser!
I asked Brandon to smile and this is what I got.
On Tuesday after MDO his teacher told me he only slept for 20 minutes, so I decided to try and see if he would take a snooze at home.... this is what I walked into after putting him in his crib 10 minutes earlier.
I coming to get you momma


Amy Jo:) said...

I LOOOOVE the sleeping picture!!! SO cute how his little tongue is poking out of his mouth!!!!!! So cute!

Reba said...

great pics of the boys courtney :)
i can't believe you just had your first trip to the after-hours pedi office! i had mine in the first week! (well, the weekend-hours).