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Monday, November 29, 2010


I don't have many pictures from Thanksgiving. I am usually a camera nut but this time around I was taking care of my little ones while they were getting over colds and John had an ear infection. Needless to say Thanksgiving was all about giving thanks to family for putting up with cranky kids.
Thanksgiving Day was spend with Brian's side of the family. We always have so much fun seeing everyone and watching the boys and their cousins play so well together. It is always such fun catching up. I was still on fruit duty, in this family you make your way up the "food" chain. I did get to make some fresh green beans though!

Friday we went to the lake to meet up with my mom and dad and have our second Thanksgiving. The weather was cold but the boys loved playing outside and getting to see some friends. Brandon fished and John played with cars. Everyone was feeling better by the end of the week but my mother who is now sick!

Grandad bought them remote control cars to play with.

Finding things to do...

Come on Brian, you can do it.