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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Where has the time gone?

We have had A LOT going on lately and I am slightly stressed out but still trying to be a mommy! After school on Tuesday I took the boys to my favorite park in the Cypress area. I like it so much because not many people go and the boys can RUN and its shady!! The boys love it and we will go back often. There is also a tiny skate park and they boys loved watching the skate boards and bike more than anything. It just shows me whats to come!!
Thursday was the boys Thanksgiving Feast. It was great!! Such a difference from last year, there was no crying, not calling out for mommy, just fun!
The table was so cute, they had candles, napkin rings, cards telling what each child was thankful for. John's was classic!!!

First ever picture taken with teachers. The boys FINALLY were happy, sitting and not wanting mommy that we were able to get a picture! To me that's a great milestone.