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Friday, November 5, 2010

Update on the twins


He is a talker and a busy body!

He is in LOVE with television right now. Go, Diego, Go is his favorite show right now, he is starting to like Little Einsteins too. The only problem with that is I don't like him watching so much tv. I am at fault for this because I am a tv girl. I am feeling more and more guilty everyday!! At least the weather is so nice right now I can try and get him outside. When I ask him to go outside he says "No, tv please".

His favorite saying right now is "feels better now". He will say something hurts and I will ask if he is ok and he says "feels better now" or I will say I don't feel good and he will give kisses and hugs and says "feels better now". Super cute!

I know he is ready to be potty trained but I am waiting till Christmas break.

He had his first session with speech therapy Monday. I thought it would just be simple and he would just have a tongue thrust issue BUT I was wrong. He has very weak mouth muscles. He primarily uses the muscles that are connected to his throat that move his tongue laterally. They are surprised he has not choked and they think that is due to his pacifier (see, it can be good for something). They say the reason that his face still has "baby fat" is because of all the weak muscles. Basically he chews forever and has a lisp. It can all be fixed though and he loves going to therapy because its a kids wonderland!


John is doing amazing! He is talking more and is more confident.

Like his brother, John is loving television right now. His favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Go, Diego, Go. He wants a red Diego cake for his birthday next month. He likes to watch the same episodes over and over again.

He is talking so much more! He has seen his speech therapist probably 8-9 times and has over a 100 words easy. They might not all come out correctly but he is making such strides. His favorite word right now is Boo Boo, He says "boo boo, me fall school". He will tell everyone he see over and over again. He tells it to daddy every day when he gets home from work. Its cute! He also loves saying "all gone" and "nobody home".

He is also ready to be potty trained but waiting for Christmas break to take that challenge on! Pray for Brian and me!

As you know he is in speech therapy and he loves going because all he does is play and eat candy. I hear food therapy is great for speech. Each time he comes out of his session the therapist is all smiles and tells me he is doing great and even when he struggles he tries and tries. I am so proud of the little guy!

He is now also in Occupational Therapy. He has some issues with Sensory Integration. He has what is called Dyspraxia, basically poor motor planning which is the ability of the brain to conceive of, organize, and carry out a sequence of unfamiliar actions. He also has some tactile issues which create negative emotional reactions. When getting into occupational therapy I did not think John had problems, I thought he was sensitive and a little emotional but this makes total sense and I am so excited that he is getting help and can cope and work through these issues at such a young age.

I can not believe that the boys are fixing to turn three!!! They are growing up too fast.


Anonymous said...

I ran across your site while looking for some new speech help ideas. Just wanted to pass on a site I find awesome called I use it with my daycare kiddos and have had really good success. It is a nice compliment to their speech therapy appointments.

Good Luck!
Vikki B., Indiana

Cara said...

Well you are going to be all kinds of busy around the holidays aren't you, with the moving, the potty training, and the normal holiday chaos!

It sounds like Brandon and John are really thriving in speech therapy, and I hope that things continue to go well. As for John's sensory integration issues...that's something I've been wondering about with Finn too, though I think Finn's is the opposite-he seems to crave lots of sensory input (touching, feeling, bumping, swinging, and all that rocking he does).

I recently picked up a book called The Out of Sync Child which is all about sensory issues. There is also a companion book, The Out of Sync Child Has Fun filled with all kinds of neat activities to do. Both great resources!