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Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 3 and 4

Day 3:
Both boys did great and recognized that when they had the urge to pee pee that they needed to go to the potty. Brandon still does it mostly to show us he can and John is more just because he needs to go. However, Brandon doesn't get super excited after, he just wants his treat. John wants everyone to see what he did and gets super excited about it plus he wants his treat. It is really cute to see their minds at work trying to figure all this out.

Day 4: mommy all by herself
It's Monday and Brian went back to work. I prayed about this day and just asked for patience, persistent, and for the boys to understand and Praise the lord because He delivered. The boys woke up and did not want to take off their pull ups. For that fact I tried to compromise with them. Brandon wanted to just go watch tv and John wanted undies and shorts on. Since I thought their pull ups were went and guessed that they peed right when they woke up, I obliged with the request. At breakfast John had an accident but I did not get upset, just told him because he did that he had to go naked or just a t-shirt on and he was ok with it. The rest of the day went smoothly for both kiddos! No accidents and John told me when he needed to go and I still prompted him just in case. Brandon went when I asked and on his own as well.
The schedule was this: (just so I can remember)

Brandon: combo of prompting and doing his own thing
woke up at 7:30
8:30 pee
10:00 pee
11:00 pee on his own
11:45 pee
2:45 pee
3:30 pee
4:30 pee
5:03 pee
daddy got home and I didn't keep track

John: mostly on his own....
8:00 accident
10:45 pee on his own
11:15 pee
2:45 pee
3:30 pee
4:45 pee
5:35 pee
daddy got home and I didn't keep track

Tomorrow I take them to school in undies.... we shall see how they do. I have the backpacks packed with lots of extra clothes and have talked with them about tomorrow. I am nervous to make it to school with no accidents but they are doing so great!!