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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Potty Training- Day 1and 2

WOW is really all I can say, I was not prepared for this!!! Everyone told me to be persistent and patient but dealing with two 3 year old wanting to do what they want to do and not listen to you is super hard and makes me nuts to be totally honest.

Day 1:
Both boys are so excited to please us so the morning was great. They would pee pee in the potty with no issue. We prompted them to go every 15-30 minutes. Brandon would go on command, John was and still is a little trickier. He has his own was of doing things and doesn't want to go when we try and make him. What my thinking is, is that he never was much of a pee-er (is that a word). He never had huge wet diapers like Brandon so i am guessing he doesn't have to go as often. Which I know all of you are saying "awesome". In hind sight I know it's great and easier but in my mind I thought both boys should go every thirty minutes or at least try and that was not working with John. Anyways, back to day 1, both boys woke up from nap in a pull-up dry which was great and when potty but then things went down hill. Brand on had an accident and John had 5. I was upset basically for no reason but I was, Brian took it in stride and has been my saving grace through this.

Day 2: crazy but better-
Boys woke up around 7 am and came down to see us, they are not ready to go potty right after waking up, they seem to do that in their pull-up right when they wake up and that's not something Brian and I are ready to take on. We know night time training will take a while. Brandon did not have any accidents and John only had one and it was at night during dinner. We even caught John pooping and sat him on the potty and he finished there with no problem. John did his first recognition about peeing in the potty. He told us he needed to go and went by himself. AWESOME. He still is not wanting to go on the potty and we are having some definite battles with him but we are all trying. Brian is still being the sane one in the family while I have my melt downs. Brandon drinks a lot just to go potty to get a prize (m&m, sweet tarts or bouncy balls). He is doing great but we prompt him to go to the potty as well. So I am guessing this potty training thing is going to take forever before we can leave the house. Tomorrow is a new day!!!
Pray for us all


Jenny B said...

Sounds like John is a lot like Ansley was, she refused to go more often than every 1.5 hours. She just doesn't have to go that often. And take it from me, you can only lead the horse to water as far as night time potty training. We tried to "train" her several times and my pedi told me that they have to be physically ready, so one might be and one may not. Ansley just decided to after Phoebe was born and Mike still has to wake her up at night so she doesn't have an accident. Good luck, like my pedi told me, every one is potty trained by kindergarten, so don't stress out. :) It sounds like they are doing really well though!