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Saturday, January 22, 2011

It goes by too fast

I really do not know where time has gone. One minute we are moving into our new house and celebrating our boys 3rd birthday, next I know it is almost February. I have not updated the blog in almost a month and am feeling a little off not being on my game as usual. So here are some photos of what we have been up to and don't forget to scroll down to view some videos of the boys!

John and I playing at the park before dinner. I don't doubt Brandon is trying to convince Brian of something.
Snow day in our new neighborhood!!! SUCH FUN and the boys can not wait to try out skiing now.

Best picture. This is how Brian and I feel most days, hahaha

Loving it!

When daddy is late we eat GOOD

We had the boys 3 year checkup as well and the new stats are:

weight- 37 pounds
height- 3 feet 2.6 inches

weight- 3o pounds
height- 2 feet 11.6 inches

Pretty big difference but both are healthy and happy!
So as you can see we have not been up to anything different, just therapy (which is going great), school and playing! I am looking into new MDO program for the fall since we live pretty far from their current school and we are just trying to get back into the swing of things. Finding new places to play, going back to swim lessons, and playing with all our new toys. The boys are IN LOVE with the jeep and gator my parents got them for Christmas so after school we spend a lot of time over there. I know I am rambling but just trying to remember things... anyways goodnight!


Jenny B said...

I can't believe how big John looks in the first picture! They look like little boys! We have to get together soon after we're off quarantine. ha!