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Monday, April 6, 2009


What to do??

Need to get rid of night bottle, Brandon's paci's and thinking about going to one nap a day....
HELP, how do I do any of that?


kdurec said...

Hey girl! My two (three, actually, hehe) cents on the issues:
- We replaced Kendra's night bottle with a sippy of milk, that we later reduced to a sippy with water. It worked great! No fussing.
- I am not planning on worrying about the binky until Kendra is well into her twos. Late, I know, but I read that this is a rough age to try taking it away, and I am prone to agree. :) My goal is to have it completely gone by age 3.
- I am enjoying the two naps a day! As long as Kendra will give me two breaks a day, I'm taking it! :) If the boys are refusing their morning nap, then you could try just pushing them until 12:30 or 1 and then putting them down.
Just my opinion!

Ashhog said...

Can't help you with the paci. Ours still use them and I have no desire to fight that battle right now. We give the boys some milk about 6 and then they go to bed about 7 but they just kind of drink some while they play and settle down for the night. If you didn't want to do that you could probably just give it to them at dinner instead.

We just went to one nap a day. The boys were just ready. I would lay them down for two naps and they would just play in their cribs for one of them so I knew they were ready. They did that for a while before I even tried. Then over spring break when I had an extra pair of hands we just kept them up and kept them busy. Now they do pretty good with just one nap a day. Maybe if they are definitely letting you know they are ready-then you're mom or someone could come over in the morning and help make the transition easier. It's at least easier to keep them both entertained that first week with help. Anyway-let me know if you need anything and good luck!

The Carmichael's said...

Wow that's a lot to take on all at once. If it were me I'd try maybe one thing a month. I remember taking Grace off of a paci, it was really tough. Just be strong and don't give in, that's the best advice I can offer!

Jenny B said...

Don't have any advice on the paci, but the bottle try giving it to them earlier first, say before bath time for a few days and then switch it to a cup and then try to leave it out completely. The naps, we went to one when she stopped taking an afternoon nap. I just kept her up until noon. It took her about a month to lengthen it to 2 hours or more, but that was just her.

Staci said...

Give yourself a break, don't expect too much, your doing a wonderful job!!! Preston still uses his paci but ONLY at bedtime. It stays in the bed and he is fine with that. I don't think I am ready to try and get rid of it. He really does love that thing just like Lily loves her blanket.
If they are eating a good dinner I would just give milk in a sippy at dinner. We moved our dinner time to about 6 pm with bedtime being at 7 pm. They eat a snack after their nap so they are good until dinner.
The one nap is tricky it took us a good 2 weeks to switch over. I just started noticing they weren't as tired in the morning as they had been or weren't taking an afternoon nap at all (that was a fun phase) and started moving their morning nap a half hour later. Now they sleep from 12:30 to 2:30 sometimes longer. We eat lunch about 12 and do our errands in the morning right after breakfast.

Anonymous said...

When we made the transition to one nap, we moved it up much earlier then naptime had been. We would eat lunch about 11, then be down for nap at (or before) 12. That way, the morning wasn't as long and he didn't get so grouchy.