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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter weekend

We had a great Easter weekend. Brian's sister and family came in town and we spent most of the time with them, which was so fun. I have mentioned them in previous posts but they have three little girls that just love the twins and play with them till they are tuckered out.
On Thursday we went and had dinner over at Brian's parents house and just had too much fun playing in sand and in the ball pit.
On Good Friday Brian played golf and the boys and I just hung out at home for a bit then went over to the in-laws again and had dinner. The boys love holiday meals!
Saturday we went to the Pine Forest Easter Egg Hunt and celebrated my birthday with all of Brian's family (all but his sister live in town).
Easter Sunday we went to church, had lunch with my family and dinner with Brian's family.
It was a fun filled fast paced weekend!!!
Here are some pictures...


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When was your birthday? How did I miss that? Happy Birthday!! Cute pics! Love the boys pants!