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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This and That

Not much has been happening this week. The boys had been sick last week and I am pretty sure it turned into a secondary infection and they are snotty and still have cough. We also have been stuck inside!!! If you don't know the weather down here in Houston has been bad. We had alot of flooding so the ground is saturated and I did not want to get the kids out in that so we have been stuck inside for about two weeks. We are all going crazy. Today we ventured out to get haircuts for the twins and had lunch with Brian and my mom. Then the boys slept from 11:40am to 2pm... it was soooo nice.

Here are my boys....
Brandon with his new haircut

I have no clue....
John acting like the guy from "The Shining"

John's new haircut

playing in the water


Bobbi said...

sorry the boys have been sick :( sounds like it's going around!

Cute pics and video.