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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Night Bottle

I had been struggling with the boys night bottle since they were about a year old. I knew they really didn't need it but it was so easy to just snuggle while they took their bottle around 7:45pm and then put the down. It had been our routine for so long that I just didn't want the challenge to change it. So Ihad decided when they turned 18 months that it was gone! Well 18 months came and went and I still did not take the bottle away. I really just didn't want to deal with any type of resistance from the boy especially at night. my saving grace was when Debbie, my moms best friend brought over Cedarmont Kids "Toddler Tunes." They love this video and is now our new night time routine. They have milk with dinner, Brian gives them a bath, I put their pj's on and then we all sit down and watch the video. When the video is over we head into their room, give kisses and put them in their cribs... ALL DONE!
It has been great and I am so thankful the night bottle is gone, they are growing up.
Now all I have to do it get rid of Brandon's paci..... ugh!


Staci said...

My saving grace is the paci for Preston. Our only rule is it stays in the bed. When we get him up in the morning he throws it in. I figure how can I take it away when it helps him sleep so well.
Congrats on no bottles.

Bobbi said...

hehehe let me know how that works out for you.

Jenny B said...

Good job! I'll be praying for you about the paci, I've heard that is the hardest one to get rid of. :)

KELLY said...

Don't worry about the paci. I can guarantee he won't go to high school with it! :D