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Thursday, July 30, 2009

San Antonio Vacation

This past week Brian and I packed the twins up and went to San Antonio with Brian's parents and his sisters family. The car ride up there was awesome. The boys did great with minimal fussing and slept well in pack-n-plays which I was not expecting. I guess we wore them out every day :-) We had such a great time! Here are some of pictures I took.
Here they are in the morning looking out from the balcony.

Love John's hair... I think it is sunscreen

My little J-Bird

and Bubba
Had to include Brandon playing peek-a-boo

He was fearless in the water. We had to be everywhere with him. He just had so much fun

They both were in love with daddy's sunglasses. Here is Brandon

Nana playing with John

Brian, the twins and his parents
Brandon swimming

playing playing playing
Brandon dumping water on cousin Julia

Everyone hanging out at the lazy river
John and the sunglasses

Cousin Ellie and Brandon

We went to Sea World. They boys did great even with the HOT weather

Here is a Puffin, I think they are pretty cool. The boys loved looking at them and the penguins



We got to see Shamu

Daddy and John
Mommy and Brandon

We went on a train rideFamily photo
Everyone eating at the Gristmill

Cousin Rachel and Cousin Julia

Cousin Ellie