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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Not much of anything

Since we have been home we have just been trying to relax. Monday it rained here which was great and Brandon played in the rain for the first time. John was a little weary of it. John has become obsessed with lamps. He loves for people to turn them all on... in every room. They both have been into shoes lately too. As you can see....

Here they are as it rains

Brandon in the rain
Once he got use to it we could not get him to come inside
Just had to include this picture of John


Cassi said...

Love the playing in the rain pics! Maggie is like that - loves it and I can't get her inside - so I have learned not even to venture outside if it rains - haha! The boys are looking so big and growing up so fast. I hope you're all happy, healthy and loving life!