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Monday, October 19, 2009

Atlanta Trip (part I)

On Thursday we took a little trip to Atlanta! We got to the airport at 11pm and our flight was at 12:55, we didn't leave the runway till 3pm! With that said the boys did AMAZING. They slept while we taxied on the runway for 45 minutes and when we took off they woke up and played and had a great time. They loved looking out the window and really just did so good! We even circled Atlanta for about 20 minutes and they did well. Brandon kept pointing to the door, he wanted out!

Here are a few pictures from the boys second flight.
Brandon wanted to sit with Nana
John was obsessed with daddy on Thursday.

John and Grandpa watched a video together.

We went to Brian's sister's house Thursday night and had dinner and just hung out for about an hour before heading out to Brian's friend Bryan's house where we were staying. The boys just went straight to sleep with out any type of night routine... they are such great travelers.
The boys slept in till 8:30 am Friday morning so we had to rush through breakfast to meet up with Nana, Grandpa, Katie and Rachel at the Zoo.
The crazy owl.
The panda's were sooooo cute.
Brandon and Rachel watching the kangaroo's
Brian taking a picture of everyone down the line! The kangaroo's. They were all over the place
The sleeping gorilla
The petting zoo. Brandon would not touch anything. John was all over it

The picture says it all

Oh, so tired!
The elephants were eating breakfast
The men doing their job.
After the zoo we went back to Aunt Katie's house and had lunch before we headed back to let the boys take a much needed nap.
This is John and Rachel playing the piano.
The boys loved playing with the animals after the zoo
Brandon and Rachel eating yogurt
The boys
Now Brandon and Rachel with the piano
At our friends Bryan's house they built this really awesome back patio. The boys loved it and could not get enough of the steps. We literally had to peel them off of them.
They were also obsessed with Cooper's dog bed.
As good as I could get them together.
Brian and the back patio....
The steps, i swear they loved them
Coloring on the steps
Good night Friday! See you tomorrow Saturday at the Aquarium!


Bobbi said...

looks like you all are having a great time :)