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Monday, October 19, 2009

Atlanta Trip (part II)

Saturday morning we met up with the Ashby's (Brian's sisters family) at the aquarium. Of course the boys slept in so we again had to rush through breakfast :-)
We had such a blast and the boys did so great. They just loved it and went crazy looking at all the fish! Here are some pictures of the family.

Brandon and John just mesmerized!The Ashby's petting sting rays

Daddy and Brandon looking at sting rays
Katie and Rachel
The cousins!!!
Cool star fish
Love this picture!

Too cute... John and Ellie holding hands, Rachel and Brandon holding hands!
Sweet cousins

Me and my man
The Ashby's
Nana and Brandon, he would not hang out with anyone else most of the day.
Daddy and John
Mommy and John

After the aquarium we took a stroll in Centennial Park, it was beautiful but a little cold so we didn't stay long. I took this one picture and then my camera went missing.
After we got done with the park we went back to the Ashby's to hang out and have dinner. The boys went down for a nap, Brian went looking for my camera and Nana, Katie and I went driving around Atlanta. Bryan and Christie came over to have dinner and celebrate Katie's birthday.
Brandon after his nap!
Grandparents and the kids
Playing with magnets
Little Rachel!
Dinner with friends and family
After dinner we settled back and watched the Texas A&M game.
Me and Cooper!


Jenny B said...

So obviously you found your camera. Where did he find it? It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. You give me hope that Ansley's first plane trip to Western New York in Dec will not be the disaster I keep imagining it to be. :)

Cara said...

Looks like y'all had a great time! I love the aquarium photos. Finn seems to be mesmerized by fish, so this sounds like the perfect activity!

Adam and Andrew said...

Looks like fun!!