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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Birthday

John Garrison

Brandon Cooper

John Garrison Synnott

Brandon Cooper Synnott

December 27th at 9:17 Brandon and John were brought into the world weighing at 4 pounds 5 ounces each and a length of 17 inches.

About 5 a.m. I woke up laying in a puddle of water (lots of water). We got to Texas Womens about 5:45 a.m. and got checked into L&D. I finally felt what contractions felt like and was very very uncomfortable. The doc checked my cervix about 9 a.m. and I was already dilated to 3 cm. Now I saw my doc on Wednesday and I was no dilated and all was well so this was very surprising. They ended up calling up a STAT c-section and the boys were born within the same minute. Brandon came out peeing and John came out crying. They are both in the level 2 NICU and doing GREAT. They are breathing on their own and all. Brian has been able to see the multiple times but I have yet to see them. They said I could see them tomorrow morning (friday). We are all doing well, I am alittle sore but not too bad. Here are some pics of the boys and I will kwwp you all uppdated.... I will be here for four nights and I don't know much about the boys yet but when I do.... so will you!!!
Thank you for all your prayers and support


Shae said...

Hooray, the boys are here! They are so precious! I hope all is well.

You make cute babies, Court. :)

Cara Apple said...

Congrats!! We hope the boys are doing well and get to go home soon, and that Courtney's recovery is going smoothly! Looking forward to meeting John and Brandon once they're home.

Cara, Nathan, and Finley Apple

Brandon Wade LLC. said...

I'm so proud of you momma!!

courtney said...

Such sweet boys! I am so glad to hear that things are going smoothly - I'll be praying for you guys.

kdurec said...

Oh my goodness! Congratulations! I have say I thought all this time I would end up going before you! I am so glad to hear how well everyone is doing and can't wait to hear about your first visit with them. You are all in my prayers, congrats again!

Care said...

Congratulations - your boys are adorable!

Dana said...

Oh Court, you know you couldn't have had more beautiful babies!

Shae said yesterday that she feels like a proud Aunt....SO do I!!!


Can't wait to see you and them!!!

Happy Birthday Brandon & John! You guys are little miracles! Evidence of the miraculous love of our Lord Jesus!!

Allison said...

Those are some big babies for such a little belly! Way to go, Courtney. Congratulations on your best Christmas gift ever! Now, the fun begins. Be on the look out for my friend, Michelle, who is at TWH in labor right now too!

Nancy Mon said...

They are beautiful babies or should I say handsome boys. Way to go Court.. how could they not be so beautiful with a beauty for a mom and a goodlooking dad.

C section...oh...ooze factor. Let me know if you want any helpful hints. :)

I love you all!!!

Becky Kiser said...

praise God!!!! that is SOOOOO exciting. they look so good!

Jill Mason said...

Oh Court, they are beautiful!!! I'm so glad everything went ok and you are ALL doing good. Can't wait to hear the updates!! Lot's of love and prayers:)

Karie said...

they are BEAUTIFUL! congrats, mommy!

Anonymous said...

From Membership Services,

Congratulations and please bring them by to see us in the next month or so. They are so cute.

Take care of mommy and daddy and get lots of rest so you can be ready for their coming home.

Love, Joe Ann McClure

jaclyn said...

okay, I'm really late on this, but congratulations!!