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Wednesday, February 27, 2008



We just got back from the pedi office for the boys two month check-up! They are doing great and just gaining weight. They are both 10 pounds and some ounces and 21 inches long. Thier percentiles are 10-25% on weight and 3% on height and they said that was normal for them being premature. We now know the boys are bleeders.... whne getting thier shots they both bled, John got his blanket bloody and Brandon squirted blood... :-)
Not much else to report. Brandon is going on prevacid with John but John gets to only take the axid once a day now. We are still on the preemie formula (BOO, it is so hard to find and does not come in big batches) for atleast two more months. However, we can now try and drop a night time feeding. They want us to keep feeding them every three hours during the day but can go up to six hours at night if the boys can make it. We hope to make it to four hours if not the full six. Please pray that we can make it six hours, it would help mommy and daddy out so much!!!

I'll upload some 2 months pics soon! I am off to take a nap


Jill Mason said...

Yeah!!! I'm so glad to hear that the boy's are doing so well.

Nancy Mon said...

Love the new look and love hearing the good news about the boys.

Miss you!

Allison said...

wow! I can't belive they are 2 mos already...It goes by so fast when they aren't yours! I remember how those first 6 mos lasted FOREVER...and then, time just flies!