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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Update on John

The pedi called and put John on prevacid solutabs along with his axcid to help with his tummy issues. We can not change formula yet as both boys are still on high calorie formula because they were born early. Hopefully that will change at their next appointment with the pedi on the 27th (thier 2 month birthday)!
John seems to be doing somewhat better... still fussy mostly at night from 6pm to midnight. But is not as bad as it was.... well the last couple of nights have been alittle better. We will see how the rest fo the week goes. I pray the prevacid solutabs help and he doesn't have to get on anything else and that we can change formula SOON!
Brandon is still just hanging out. Praying he starts having regular BM's so he can be comfortable!
Mom and Dad are still trying to adjust to not sleeping as much and we pray that the pedi will let the boys go to every four hours feeds rather than three hour feeds at the next appointment. That would be AWESOME.
Thank you all for your support and prayers... they really do help :-)


Lauren said...

Hi Courtney,

Just saw your comment on my blog--thanks for stopping by! I remember you guys from Sunday School at HFBC.

I cannot fathom the lack of sleep you're dealing with, having twins. And one with an upset tummy!

Moms are my heroes now.


kdurec said...

Hang in there Courtney. I hope that everything starts getting easier for you! Kendra now has approval to sleep as long as she'll go for and of course she won't go longer than 3-4 hours anymore. I miss those nights where I had to wake her up after 5. :( Oh well, just a few more months, right!? We can get through these stages.

The Sanders House said...

Hey girl! You are doing a great job and this too will pass! I keep reminding myself of that everyday! You will be amazed how time flies by!
Don't be too mad at yourself that you did not breastfeed, because breastfed babies get that way too. Hope next week proves to be better!

Care said...

You are doing so well - what a good Mommy! Praying for you and your little ones.

Jenny B said...

Hopefully that works. It's good that your doc is trying to fix the problem and not just brushing it off as colic and being unable to do anything. Sounds like you have a great doctor. It will get better and like someone said, it seems like it will last forever, but then one day, it's gone and you completely forget. Much like morning sickness and bed rest. :) Talk to you soon

Chrissy said...

Hey Courtney!
I am amazed that you have twins! Bless your heart... I can only imagine how much work it is, oh but such a blessing! Congratulations! It was great to hear from you... Thanks for the kind words ;)

Zuleika said...

oh your blogs bring back so much memories with my girls they were 6 weeks early and they had to on the extra calories formula too for a while then they had the stomach issues too its almost like reading my own expierances... sorry im sending you so many comments i hope im not being weird! :)