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Sunday, February 17, 2008

mom of the year award


John has not been feeling so great the past few weeks. We are not sure if it is gas, colic, reflux or all of the above but he has been one fussy baby and looks like he is in pain. So a couple of weeks ago I call the pedi and ask what to do. They put him on Axid .5ml, medication for reflux and to help with the burning if formula decides to come back up. It help with the spit up but all the other symptoms were still there so as any mother would do with a baby in pain I call the pedi once again. She then puts him on prevacid solutabs 3ml.... which I hear are great. I was excited and thankful!! With the Axid I got a syringe and was using that to put the medication in John's mouth. I thought well why not use the same syringe for the pevacid. So for the past six days I have been using the same syringe and thought all things were going well other than John still being really fussy so we thought it had to be gas because he was on medication for reflux!!! So we started massaging his tummy, doing the bicycle move with his legs to try and get some of the gas out. It has been helping but he still looks in pain... so is it colic? I was wondering this myself until last night. We accidentally through out the syringe. Brian goes and gets another one from Walgreens and I realize that I have been giving John .3ml of prevacid instead of 3ml. OH MY GOSH, I am an idiot and feel horibile for this little innocent guy who could of maybe felt better a while ago. Needless to say I am going to start giving him the right amount today. Still doesn't make me feel any better that I caught it, I should never of made the mistake! I will let you know of the right amount of medicine starts to help soon!


Anonymous said...

You are still a great mom! Don't beat yourself up over giving him the wrong dose - better to undermedicate than overmedicate! I hope the little fella feels better in any event! By the way, will you label their pictures so we can know who is who.....please!

Cara said...

I think things like this happen to lots of us, whether it be medicine or something else. Nathan and I actually did just the opposite last week, and OVERDOSED Finley on his Prevacid once (because we both gave it to him one morning, without asking the other person). Luckily, that stuff isn't too harmful, but we definitely felt like we were rotten parents. Hopefully things will improve soon! I'm loving all the pictures you're posting!

Jenny B said...

Oh, we all do it! You are just human, but being a mom it seems like we need to be superhuman doesn't it. :) Good thing you noticed and maybe he will start feeling better!

Becky Kiser said...

Girl you are human we we all make mistakes. You will probably never make this mistake again. Which is good because in the future it could be more serious instead of just gas. So praise God that you learned this lesson with something less serious.

YOU ARE A GREAT MOM!!! You are doing so great and you have two babies!!!!