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Friday, February 15, 2008

My due date

Today is February 15, 2007 and my offical due date for the twins. I can not believe they are 7 weeks and 1 day old. It seems like we were never without them.
We have had such an adventure with them learning how to change dirty diapers, put onies on without them screaming, learning how to get them to calm down and rest, going on car rides, seeing them grin for no reason and just watching them grow and be babies. We have also dealt with some trials the past few weeks with John getting reflux and deciding to be really fussy from 9pm to midnight and keeping mommy and daddy up and Brandon waiting to have a BM every 4 to 5 days. BUT it has been such joy having them home and falling in love with them more and more each day. I still can not believe that Brian and I are parents to TWO little beautiful boys.
God is good!
Oh, we were at the pedi yesterday (everything is fine) but Brandon got weighed and he is a whopping 9 pounds... less that two weeks ago he was just over 7. He is a fatty and I think his brother is right up there with him. We go to our offical 2 month check up on the 27th and they should be atleast 10 pounds!!!

Brandon and John

John and Brandon


Anonymous said...

It sounds like things are settling down for you some. I hope so! Is John in the white? Brandon in the blue? It seems like if you would have gone full term, you would have had some BIG babies! :-) They are cuties!

Lady Radiant said...

I thought of you yesterday, I remembered that your due date was sometime this week. :) I am so happy the boys are doing so well!!! What adorable little miracles they are.

Ryan Kahlden said...

Thank you for all the updates. It is really cool to read your excitement and that really starts to get Kelly and I excited as well.

Dana said...

I love them so much! I cannot wait to hold them~

Jill Mason said...

Hey Court, I'm so glad that the boy's are doing so good!! I miss out chat's, but I will understand how busy you are in a few short months:)