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Sunday, February 10, 2008

A little frustrating

Sorry it has been awhile since I have last posted.
Life has gotten a little crazy lately! John has become our high maintaince baby. He is very fussy most of the day now. I thought it was reflux, we got on some Rx meds and they seem to help the spit up but I am not convinced that he has reflux now because the rest of the symptoms are still there. He screams, arches his back and is really hard to console while eating and for about an hour after if not all the way to his next feeding. I think it could be the formula he is on and that makes me sad that I am not breast feeding because I know he would not have this issue if it is the formula. I don't know if it is colic BUT he does cry-scream for atleast three hours in a row at night (mostly from 9pm-2am). He sleeps well during the day but does scream and cry and arch his back while feeding. I am calling the pedi tomorrow morning to see if we can try another formula or soy or see what else we can try to help this little guy out. He looks like he is in such pain and it makes me so sad and frustrated.
On the other hand... don't know if I should say it because I don't want to jinx it BUT Brandon is doing great. Eats and sleeps but does not POOP! We need him to have a bowel movement!! Other than that he is a pretty easy guy to take care of. He loves to be held and loves his pacifer, just very chill like his daddy!

Please pray that we figure out what is going on with John and that the pedi is pro-active so we can get him feeling better.
Please pray that Brandon has a bowel movement... its been awhile!
Please pray that Brian and I can get some much needed rest and stay positive and not get to frustrated!!!

Brandon pooed during his noon feeding. Praise God!
The nurse from the pedi office called and said we needed to call tomorrow to talk to Dr. Taylor to see if she wants to change formula or up his reflux meds... I am praying its changing his formula just to try it out and see if it helps!


Anonymous said...

Courtney, please do not second guess your decision to stop breast feeding. There is a variety of formula that you can try so don't let that get you down - even though screaming babies are not calming! ;-) Have you tried things like the swing, bath, etc. to calm John down? You might put just a tiny bit of corn syrup in Brandon's bottle to see if that will help him poop. I have seen it work wonders! Hang in there - this will only last for a short time.

Jenny B said...
Check out this website. Colic is not just a night time event or even just a one time event. Some days it can be all day except for a few hours. Ansley had it morning and then the evening some days and then others just the evening. We tried Reflux meds too but it didn't work. Don't feel guilty about not breastfeeding. Even breastfed babies do this. It is most likely just because he was early. Anyways, the website will give you some information into not only colic, but fussiness in general.

Cara said...


John sounds like he's going through exactly what we went through with Finley with reflux and/or colic. The back arching, the excessive spitting up, and the crying, crying, crying.... The first reflux meds we were on didn't seem like they helped at all, but we switched about a month ago, and he's finally(!) getting a little better. Let me know if you want to discuss/vent...I've done endless amounts of research looking for a solution. Seems to be more common in preemies and low birthweight babies. And don't second guess yourself about your decision to stop breastfeeding....Finley's breastfed and he still had/has all this too. It's no fun, but it really does get better eventually.

kdurec said...

Soy formula has seemed to be better overall for Kendra, it could very simply be a matter of finding the right formula for John. I hope you find an answer! Kendra gets fussy but it's never all day, you must be so tired.

Hang in there. The good news about fussiness and colic is that it isn't permanent, and it does get better around 3-4 months, which sounds like forever but one day it will seem like the time has flown by. I'm praying for you all.

Anonymous said...

Lactose free formual!!!! Don't worry, doesn't necessarily mean he is lactose intolerant. My now 3yr old was on it and transitioned to whole milk with no problem.

My first child was on Nutramigen (sp?) or as my husband called it "liquid gold". Now that we think back we should have just put her on lactose free as well!!

PS - didn't breastfeed either of mine and they are very healthy children, My first grader hasn't missed a day of school yet!! Don't beat yourself up:)