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Friday, December 5, 2008

Can not believe it's December

Our Christmas Stockings

The entry table
Garland on the staircase
My Christmas Tree (it does light up)
Brian's Christmas Tree (sorry for the poor quality picture)

My first post in December... I am such a slacker! Sorry I have not been around.

After the boys got over the nasty diaper virus they ended up getting a runny nose and a wet cough. So needless to say we are still on the mend. We have been staying at home playing but getting cabin fever pretty bad. That is my reason behind not posting. By the time the boys get to bed Brian and I are so tired we just want to catch up on some things around the house and hit the sack. I do have to say that the house is now decorated for Christmas, thanks to my mom! She came over this week and decided that the house need an uplift. We are not putting up a tree this year because the boys are in everything... and I mean everything. Brian and I find them in places I never thought they would go. John shuts doors behind him and Brandon opens anything he can. Today Brian found Brandon in the pantry pushing can foods of the shelves. I found John crying because he shut himself in our bedroom alone. Our CRAZY kids. I think sometime this weekend or next week we will take the boys to see Santa. They are both having some major separation anxiety so that trip will be so fun! The boys are both getting their haircut with daddy on the 16th. They both look so unkempt and it is driving me nuts. We are also getting ready for their birthday party. I can not believe that they will be one this month. I just don't know where the time has gone and it makes me happy and sad that they are going to be toddlers soon. We are doing a Cat In The Hat theme. Brian and I have hats and Brandon and John have shirts that say Thing 1 and Thing 2 with their names on them. Brandon is Thing 1 because he was born first... yes it was only 30 seconds but it was the easiest and fairest way to choose when they ask me about it in 20 years ;-) I will make them vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and for the guests, they will get cupcakes. I am leaving the food and drink up to Brian to figure out. On another note, the boys will be trying milk for the first time this coming week. I think the plan is to try half and half in a bottle for a couple of days to see how they react and they go cold turkey and just go total milk in sippy cups. I have to say that in the past week John has started to drink more out of his sippy cup so we will see how it goes. I am super excited yet so nervous about it. I really want them to be only on milk by their birthday. Wish us luck. Ok, so I have rambled enough about nothing. Hopefully soon I can post some good pictures or cute stories about the boys! SEE YA


kdurec said...

Very cute CHristmas decorations! Your boys sound like Kendra, into everything! Although, for some reason Kendra has not gone after our Christmas tree (well, after a hand slap). I am quite shocked it hasn't been an issue.
I love the birthday theme, so cute!

Ashhog said...

I love your decorations! You did a great job! The boys have the same stockings! They are so cute!

The Myers Family said...

Hey Courtney,

A few things..
1. clay road baptist..we're not VERY it's off of clay & blalock.
2. for the door shutting can always just shut the doors all over your house. We have lived w/all door closed in our house for a year now. It does really save on fingers shut in the doors and babies climbing in the toilet. NOW, ours will open the door so we've put those door handles/baby locks so they don't get into trouble. We just leave their bedroom door open and the rest closed. I have to warn does get worse from here. Sarah ran in the house the other day and SLAMMED the outside door in my face as i was walking in w/groceries. Yes, it was a bit funny..but goodness..if their had been fingers in that door jam, we would have been in trouble. I think they actually have some kind of door things you can invest in so fingers don't get slammed..if your boys are like my's coming as soon as they figure out how fun slamming doors is for them! :)

3. OK, i know i've gone on forever..BUT, i found some REALLY cool semi-cheap shatterless bulbs for our tree @ walgreens. It's the WAY TO GO..for the first few years. We just decorated our tree THIS year and the girls have taken the bulbs off and put them on and thrown them around..and it's SOO nice to not worry about broken ornaments. Just an idea for the next few years! :)

Glad you are all on the really made me more appreciative of our health after the major sickness that went around here! Sheesh..talking about getting slapped three times every time someone gets sick..they all get it!

talk to you soon!

Bobbi said...

One of my big fears of the holidays was Brityn destroying the tree or more like pulling it over on her! Luckily she has pretty much left it alone...we do have the occasional slip up though.

I can't believe the boys b-day is coming so fast! Your party theme is very cute :)

Can't wait to hear how the milk transition goes.

Cassi said...

Awesome job decorating! Can you send your mom down to do mine? Hee hee.