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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Some changes

We are starting some changes in the Synnott household. We are trying to get rid of formula, night bottles, brushing the twins teeth and so on! In doing so I have NO CLUE what I am doing. So what do you all think of the schedule?

As of now:
Wake up: 7:30ish and have morning bottle with 4 ounces of formula and 4 ounces of whole milk.
8am - breakfast
9:45-10am- morning nap
noon- bottle with 4 ounces of formula and 4 ounces of whole milk, lunch
2pm- afternoon nap
4pm- bottle with 4 ounces of formula and 4 ounces of whole milk
5:30- 6ish- dinner
**water in sippy cups throughout the day**
7pm- bath and try and brush teeth
7:15ish-8pm- night bottle with 4 ounces of formula and 4 ounces of whole milk then bed.

The transition to whole milk is our first change. I am doing half and half in bottle this week just to see how their tummies take. They seem to be doing great.

The second change is brushing teeth. John has 7 teeth and Brandon 6 teeth so I know we need to be cleaning them. Brandon seemed to do ok with it, John NOT!

Now here is where it gets a little hard for me. I am going to go cold turkey next week with just giving them sippy cups of whole milk at each meal and water, juice and snacks throughout the day. How do I get rid of the night bottle? I am really struggling with the fact that they are so use to the routine and how they get a night bottle and go straight to sleep. What do we do now?

So once I figure that out this will be the routine (what do yall think)
wake-up- breakfast with sippy cup of whole milk
nap at 10am
noon- lunch with sippy cup of whole milk
nap at 2pm
snack when they wake up with apple water (apple juice cut with water)
5:30-6ish- dinner with sippy cup of whole milk
7pm- bath and brush teeth
then..... I DONT KNOW, bed time is a mystery to me!


Harris Boys said...

the first schedule looks exactly like ours when the boys were that age. naps and everything. I think you'll find that the transition to whole milk will be a lot easier.

As far as brushing teeth...we didn't get in a routine with that till about 15 m/o when the boys understood a little better. Now they know when we go upstairs we have to brush our teeth and they march right into the bathroom. Some days I still have to gently force the tooth brush into their mouths, but for the most part they will help me and generally they don't mind.

if switching from bottle to sippy doesn't go as plan, don't beat yourself up...the boys took a night time bottle (with milk) till 18 m/o and then one day poof they didn't want or need it any longer. Just make sure they brush their teeth after that last bottle...that is what is bad for them...letting milk set in on their teeth over night.

just keep rolling with the punches and I promise everything will sort its self out. You are doing a great job...keep it up!!!! One day you'll look back and wonder how you ever survived? lol

Double the blessing said...

The 2nd schedule looks good. We don't brush so I don't know about that one. I can tell you what we did and it worked great for the night time bottle. We eat dinner at 5:30 with a sippy cup of juice/water. After dinner we bathe, play. 6:30 upstairs to read books and sit on the floor to drink milk in sippy cups then put in crib and off to sleep. It really was alot easier than I thought it would be but we dropped all the day bottles way before the night one.

Allison said...

Sounds like ya'll are doing great. On the night may find that they are not that attached to it after all. Mine still get a sippy of milk right before bed...That's Ok. And, we just let ours brush their own teeth. Some nights they'll let us "help", but I figure that this plan is better than making a battle of wills.

Adam and Andrew said...

I give mine a sippy with water in it a bed time so they can suck if they need to in order to sleep but not have milk in their mouths for the night. These days the only time I give mine milk is in the morning with breakfast and at naps. The rest of the day I do water or water with some joice added to keep down on the sugar.

I have those electric spinning diego brushes and I give them a chance to play with them first then I brush their teeth. They love the noise and vibration and thinks its funny.

Good luck!

Bobbi said...

Good luck! and let us know what you decide because I'm not looking forward to that transition myslef ;) the cutting of the night time nursing that is!! ughhhhhhhhh!

Jenny B said...

I still give Ansley a cup of milk before she goes to sleep. It helps her to sleep better. I know several mom's who still give all of their kids a big cup of milk and the oldest is 8. :) If they are still attached to the bottle at that time, give them a few more months. That was the last thing for Ansley to give up on nursing and I have heard the same thing about bottles.

As for teeth brushing, my pedi told me to just let her chew on it while I'm brushing my teeth in the morning and then after bath time. She loves it, really sucking the toothpaste off of it. :) But she likes it so much, that she cries if I don't give it to her. Good luck, it's bittersweet when they start growing up so quick.

Heather E.... said...

The second schedule is EXACTLY WHAT WE DID with Kayla at a year except 2% & no juice because it upset her tummy... I remember being so worried about that night time milk also... IT NEVER EVEN phased her when we took it away. As long as they are getting full during the day you are good. You may even find they don't need 8 oz at every meal (we did...) I know at first I was so nervouse being I wanted to make sure she still would sleep thru the night. At a year thought they know! Once they start eating more solids their little tummys will be fuller & won't need as much milk to keep them full!!! I PROMISE DON't STRESS, I did... when she wouldn't drink a certain amount I would be like "you have to," really they know when they are full!

My rule of thumb is all works in 3's, if for 3 days something doesnt work then re-evaluate the plan.

Hope this helps some... OH YEA with the teeth just start making it part of your bed time routine & they will catch on! :)

Ashhog said...

I think you know what we do. We are in the process of figuring out something new too though. I don't like doing milk with them at meals b/c they don't ever drink it all and then I'm scared they aren't getting the amount they need to get and so on. We do milk in the morning when they wake up/with breakfast. Some at snack time, and some before they go to bed while they are playing. Then we go brush their teeth, read a story, pray, and bed. The rest of the day we do water. I'm not really against juice, I just like water better so that they're not getting a lot of sugar. Anyway-the sippy with milk at night has worked out really well just kind of letting them have some as they finish up playing and then we always brush their teeth after so they don't have milk on their teeth. They are both on sippys now and I liked how we did it for our family (slowly) b/c they got it quickly but it wasn't a huge fight. Anyway-good luck and let me know if you need anything. You know I'm always here!

Tammy said...

Courtney- Colson wants to be like his big brother, so he "tries" to eat with a spoon (he makes it sometimes, but not all the time), and today decided that he would much rather drink out of a sippy cup. I went through every sippy cup imaginable with Liam- he was not interested in them at all. Don't worry- it will all come together before you know it! Your schedule looks great- Liam's looked like that and it worked well for us.

Oh- just a suggestion- what if you give them water in a sippy cup (or even a bottle) before bed? We did this with Liam... I think he needed the "sucking" time more than anything, and of course was not as interested in the water as his real bottle. And it is better on the teeth of course. He became less and less dependent on it. Good luck!