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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Let it SNOW


The Boys

The jacket I waited to long to let them wear and now they cant... its too small!



"What, I'm not doing anything"

Just getting into stuff...

Well it was a good day for the boys to wear their Santa Helper outfits because it SNOWED! The video isnt great because it was just light snow BUT you can see it!



Becky and Scott said...

Aww, your boys are so cute!!!!! Oh, and I think your new schedule sounds great! Good luck with it! :)

Harris Boys said...

I want some snow...can the boys do some snow dances for us ...hehe

cute shirts :)

how's the schedule coming along?

Bobbi said...

Uh, you can ave some of our snow if you want! ;)
Don't you hate when the lo's outgrow clothes they've never even had a chance to wear?! Ugh!!
Pics are too cute!