The Synnott Twins

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I did not get too many pictures because for part of the time I was holding or distracting the boys!!!

Here is Brandon's before photo: 2nd haircut

Here is the after photos of Brandon:

John 1st haircut... before photo:

He did not like getting his haircut at all!

The after photos of John

They seem so grown up now! Where has the time gone? I really can not believe in less than 10 days the twins will be ONE!


Jessica Villalpando said...

Wow Courtney I can't believe that they are about to be one either! They are so adorable!

Bobbi said...

Love the new haircuts :) they look like big boys, not babies anymore :(

You seem to be in the know about books and such so do you have any good recommendations? I just finished the Twilight series, LOVED IT!!!!!!! Now I'm looking for something else fabulous to read!

Adam and Andrew said...

Look how handsome!!