The Synnott Twins

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day 3 Transition

The night of day 2 was interesting. We decided to try about 5 ounces of milk in their bottle for the night feeding and Brandon did great. John drank it all and woke up an hour later wanting more. So I know that he is not ready to give that feeding up.
Day three: Did GREAT! They are drinking about 4 ounces of milk through their sippy cups each time (three times a day) and eating good too. I wish John ate a little more but I just think he is picky and not going to be a piggy like his brother. Last night was interesting though.... we gave them 8 ounces in their bottle and they both only took around 5-6 ounces but they seemed not to want their bottle. They were squirmy and wanted breaks. That really has never been an issue so I am not sure if they would rather have a sippy cup at night too.
My only worry now is that they are not getting enough milk throughout the day. I know they will catch on and drink more as they just started doing this but I am giving them yogurt and cheese and so on. Thank you all for your prayers and advice!