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Monday, January 5, 2009

The 1st Birthday!

The boys 1st birthday was great! I can not believe that they are a year old, where did the time go? I can remember the day perfectly when my water broke and when Brandon was born peeing and John was born crying, 30 seconds apart on December 27th! What a wonderful year it has been. We are truly blessed.

Here is a fuzzy picture of the boys, facing forward on the way to their party! You can't see it but they are wearing Thing 1 and Thing 2 t-shirts with their names on them to go with the Cat in the Hat theme.

I baked cupcakes all day on the 26th getting ready for everyone.
Cool icing... NEON

Gift bags for all the kiddos that came to play

More gifts for the boys! Thank you all for everything!

Playing on the boys jungle gym

Getting ready for the boys to eat cake

I made the cakes too.

All clean and sweet.

And then....

Fun was had by all. We cooked Mexican food, had sweets and played! Brandon had fun getting chocolate everywhere while John was wondering what to do with it all. Can not wait to see what happens next year!


Cassi said...

Their party looks like it was so much fun! Good job on cooking and baking everything!

Ashhog said...

Fun!!! I'm impressed that you baked all that stuff too!!

MasonTripletsPlusOne said...

Happy belated birthday boys!!! Looks like you guy's had a fun filled holiday/birthday season:) I miss talking to you, do you ever get on the messanger anymore? I never really turn it on.


Adam and Andrew said...

Can they possibly be one already?? Happy birthday boys!!

kdurec said...

Your boys were not shy with that icing! How fun! It looks like you did an AMAZING job! :) What nice weather, too! i am officially jealous.

Jenny B said...

It looks like they really had a good time! Sorry we missed it. I can't believe they're already a year old.