The Synnott Twins

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Almost a year

In a couple of days it will be a year to the day that we brought John home from the NICU and Brandon followed two days later. As I remember those days my eyes tear up. It has been one amazing trip and I can not wait to put up pictures from the past year's journey. I remember the entire day that the boys were born, hearing John cry and being told Brandon was peeing as he came out, answering the phone in the recovery room and telling my cousin Jay that the boys were here and doing well. I remember trying to feel my legs and loving the feeling of being all warm. I can remember trying to change the twins diaper from an isolete. I remember holding a 4 pound baby for the first time, I was so nervous but the moment that little boy was in my arms it was so natural. I remember getting so frustrated that they would not take a bottle yet so excited that they drank 4ml of milk. I remember having to be so scheduled after getting home from the hospital while the boys were still there and trying to see them as much as possible. I loved hearing that they kept gaining weight. I was so excited the first time they had a bowel movement. The best thing was the day Brandon came home though, having both boys home with us after a month in the NICU. That was just the best feeling. Staying awake all night just to make sure they were ok and made it through the night. Getting up every three hours to feed and change them. Seeing them roll over, crawl, now walking (Brandon doing it solo and John with push toys). I just can now believe it has almost been a year that they have been home. It is just amazing. Thanks to all the help we have had, especially to my mother-in-law for coming over and spending the night and putting up with me and my MOM who has been there for me through everything. She does so well with the boys and I am so glad she is here. Pictures are to come of the past years journey for each boys. Be on the look out!