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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Colorado in pictures....

Colorado was so great. The boys did such a great job on the flight there and back, sleeping most the way. We had no issues which was so awesome! The altitude did not seem too bad either for them. We has such fun hanging out with family, going out to eat and playing in the snow. Here are some pictures from the trip!


Freedom in the Dance said...

Hi...I can't remember how I came to find you...we have twin boys that are ten!!! Enjoy every moment...twins are a treasured gift that not everyone gets to have-especially those that walk up and say, "Better you than me!" which I usually replied, "You betcha"!
Have a great day!
I LOVED the reminded me of when ours were little...wish I'd had a blog then, but I don't know if they had them then! I reveled in every day and we had a seventeen, fifteen, and thirteen yr. olds to was like having two families...and sometimes the older were more childish than the twins!
Anywho...God is good!

kdurec said...

It looks like you all had so much fun. :) Did you get to ski much?