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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Weird feeling

Today/tonight I have the boys all to myself, Brian is at work then meeting up with some guys from church. It has been a great day and I truly can not believe how blessed I am. These two little boys just amaze me. For the first time the boys played in the grass. They love being outside but on a blanket, wagon or stroller. Today the boys were swinging and I got tired of pushing them so I took them out and just sat them in the grass, after 5 minutes they were playing with the grass and a few minutes later they were crawling and exploring the yard. It was so cool to see. I am so happy that they like being outside but so sad that I did not have my camera to document it. I just had to share that they did something new today!


Amy Jo:) said...

Gosh, I so remember when Noah played in the grass for the first time! He would not put his hands down in it! I am so glad your boys took to it so fast! I love reading your blog...even if I do not always comment I check it almost every day!