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Monday, July 9, 2007

My run in with modern medicine

At the age of 26 my husband Brian and I started fertility treatment. Some of my friends and most of my family know about it but some of you don't so I have decided to "BLOG" it.
Brian and I decided to try and have a baby in April of 2006. After many months of irregular cycles we decided to find help. We were given a name of a reproductive endocrinologist (RE for short) and decided to move forward with help. Brian and I both were tested for many things, I actually got thirteen vials of blood taken once. Come to find out I have a thyroid problem and poly cystic ovarian syndrome, both which can be treated. It was very hard to swallow that I was the reason Brian and I were having trouble conceiving. In December of 2006, we were told that our only way to conceive was through IVF.

Now back in December when we were going through all this, it was very fast paced and we did not do our homework very well. We trusted the doctor! So we decided to go for it. I went in for the egg retrieval and I am an egg making machine, they collected 40 eggs. The doctor decided not to do the transfer because it looked like I might get ovarian hyper stimulation (OHSS). The funny thing is, is that we were told that there is only a one percent chance of getting OHSS. Well I was that one percent. A couple days after the egg retrieval I started to gain weight, I was very uncomfortable and getting sick. I was told to go get sonogram of my stomach to see if I was retaining fluid. I was and was scheduled for a parasentisis that day. That is where they drain fluid from your stomach. yeah, it was just as gross as it sounds. The catch is i was on vacation, Brian, his family and I were getting ready to go skiing. The RE and the people at the hospital told me I could fly, just to not ski and to take it easy. We got in the air, after i was taken in a wheelchair to the plane, should of caught on then that something was not right. We got in the air and I started to get sick. I got to use an air plane barf bag, firsts for everything right. We got to colorado and i was sick the entire way to the condo. By midnight I told Brian that I needed to go to the hospital. So Brian and I spent our only day in Colorado at the hospital. We were told to get home and see our doctor. By that time we were cursing our doctors name. We made a flight into Houston the next day and my brother and my mom took us to Memorial City Hospital, were I was for 3 days and got another parasentisis. Oh, did I mention my doctor decided to go on a cruise though all this.

We met a new RE, Doctor Robert McWilliams, who we love and he is now our current doctor. We saw him after the stay at the hospital and he said things were looking good, I was loosing the weight I had gained from fluid and just to stay home and rest. Needless to say I got my figure back and life went on. But that is only where the story begins.....


Kelly Fisher said...

Girl, I know what a leap of faith that was for you to bare your heart to the entire world! I know that God is going to build a ministry out of your experience!
Love you!

Dana said...

I love you too Court! I am glad you are at a point where you can share this...that is a good sign of healing!

Nancy Mon said...

Thanks for sharing and letting us know the journey you have walked. I agree with Kelly and Dana, I love you, I love you more than grits and I love grits.