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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Family Visit

Granny and Brandon - Pa and John

Pa and Brandon

Pa and John


Lacye and John

Granny and Brandon

Sleeping.... one of the few times


John during Tummy Time

The Boys



Brandon during Tummy Time

Lacye and John

The Aunts

Granny and John



Ashhog said...

Yea for pictures! They are adorable!

Courtney said...

hey there--- i would love to ready your blog... you can email me at

Care said...

great pics - your boys are so adorable and have grown so much! it's crazy how fast they grow eh!
Happy Easter to you.

kdurec said...

It's about time you put some pics of your little ones on the blog. :) It looks like everything is going well! :) They are getting so big!

Shae said...

so when do I get to come hold some cute babies?

Dana said...

They are so chunky and handsome!

Girl I cannot wait to meet them...I should have gone to see you while I was home huh?

Love you!