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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Figuring it out

Yesterday was exactly like the day before with the boys... Cat napped all day except for one time after eating in the middle of the day and slept all the way to the next feed. Then went to bed by 9:30pm and did not wake up to eat again til 1:30am then made it around 3 3/4 hours to 5:15am and now 8am. Not too bad!
I guess we are going to just love that schedule until they get a little older!


Anonymous said...

A more pronounced (and better!) schedule will happen. You are a good Mommy to follow the boys' lead and yet shape them also.

The Sanders House said...

They are doing great!

Dana said...

You are doing awesome Court. None of my children were on a forced feeding schedule until they were off the bottle. Each child has a rhythm of its own...

I love you and I am amazed at how much they have grown!

Ashhog said...

It sounds like you are doing great! I think it's wonderful that you are recognizing what works best for YOUR babies! What is your email address?

The Myers Family said...

I'm a NWHMOM too. I have never met you(probably because i'm a slacker at going to the meetings and since they moved all the way out to coles it's really bad in traffic for me). Anyway, your life sounds a lot like mine did when my girls(now 14 months) were babies. I just did what worked for me...for instance...the LIVED in their swings..until they were 6 months(i didn't feel guilty for was one of the only things that would soothe them) and then i figured out they were old enough to cry it out and sleep flat. I tried the schedule thing and finally a fellow mom said "get little stations set up" and to keep them awake...go from one to the other. For instance do the little gymni for 30 minutes, then the swings, the bouncers, then once they get old enough bumpos & exersaucers. My girls were really really colicy i would even take them for LONG walks in the bumpos inside my red wagon...that would ALWAYS calm them down. BUT every baby is diffent..your mothers intuition is the best thing. You know your just have to find the perfect schedule for them...even if baby wise doesn't work for you. I can say it worked for me...but at the SAME girls STILL wake up WAY too early in the they woke up at 445a ready to play and eat! UGH! Good luck and things will get easier...The first year was seriously a blur for me..but i made it through with a 2 year old by my side missing tons of the attention she was accustomed to...

Enjoy as much as you can because before you know it they will be crawling, walking and talking!
Mom to Hannah 3.5
Sarah and Samantha 14 months!

thehirschgang said...

I found your blog off of a friends- keep up the great work! I felt so bad for you, feeling overwhelmed. I have three girls, and used Baby Wise as a guide and all my girls slept through the night around 6 weeks. You really have to use it as just a GUIDE, not so strict. Take what really stands out to you and use the format, but it will not happen over night- 6-8 weeks at the EARLIEST, and that is for full term babies. Your twins will take a bit longer, I'm sure. Don't be discouraged- keep on. It takes time. The major thing for us from BabyWise, that helped them organize their day/night that I suggest everyone does, is set a regular morning routine- like, stick to starting their first feeding at the same time every day (within a half hour), no matter when their last feeding was. It so helps them figure it out quicker. And as for the not sleeping in the swing, etc- do what helps YOU. You still have to be the parents, so don't feel bad letting them sleep in there once in a while so you can get a break. We made the mistake with the 2nd one of ALWAYS putting her in her crib to sleep, and she struggled getting to sleep anywhere else, including her car seat, so with the 3rd we purpose to put her in the pack 'n play, car seat, etc. to sleep so she will learn to fall asleep anywhere.
I'm sorry- I didn't mean to go on and on, I just really want you to not feel so discouraged. Take BabyWise and this advice just for what it is- gathering information to help you as parents make the best decisions before God. He'll show you what to do!