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Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I have to say I guess I was emotional yesterday morning thinking I was doing everything wrong. I think the boys just like to be awake in the morning. After their lunch at noon they slept in their crib for 2 hours until 3pm and even them we had to wake them to get them to eat. They were up and down the rest of the day but slept 4 1/2 hours between one of their night feedings and 4 hours between another. They sleep pretty well at night so I am pretty happy about that. During the day I know that they want to stay up longer and I am just going to do what I can but not be upset if I can not get them to go down at a certain time. Baby Wise is great in concept and we will use that concept but we can not be that strict about it and get upset when things do not work. So all in all we will try to get a good nap after every feed but if we don't it is not the end of the world and we can try again at the next one. I thank you all for your comments and I know Baby Wise works for alot of parents but right now we are going to do just what we can. I would rather them be up during the day more than at night anyhow.
my good friend Jenny just wrote this blog and I an taking this portion from her:
So here are some things that God has shown me through this:
1. Patience
2. I cannot control every situation
3. I have to trust the intuition that God has given me as a mother
4. He gave babies natural instincts so that they will grow and be happy babies and if we just listen to them it makes all of our lives a whole lot easier.
5. No one knows your baby like you do. Do what you think is best as your baby's mom.


KELLY said...

And I will keep a copy of this to send to you when John and Brandon are teens - in many ways, this can be applied to them, too! LOL

Anonymous said...

I think you are so right! YOU know your babies better than anyone else. YOU know what works best for you family! Follow your motherly instincts. Schedules can be great, but things come up so if the schedule or plans don't work one day, don't beat yourself up, love your babies and continue on! (I'm sure you are doing this!) Books and other resources have great information - some you may use and some you may not other info. you might tweak some to "fit" your family. I'd say for your guys to be awake more during the day sleep longer hours at night sounds great! Most especially enjoy your babies while they are little - they won't stay little like this very long so enjoy them while you can!

Anonymous said...

Courtney - you are getting it girl! Don't beat yourself up when one day doesn't go as well as the other day! Tweak the schedule that works best for you and Bryan and fits you guys. Listen to advice, weigh it and then use what you want!


The Sanders House said... organized people want so badly for babywise to work. does not happen like that for A LOT of people. My philosophy with Jack is much different than with Keegan. Keegan was almost a babywise baby with the exception that he did not sleep through the night for months. Jack eats and sleeps randomly but sleeps through the night. My mom once told me to go with their cues and they will tell you what they need. That was the best advice ever. Scheduling is important but it will happen on their time.

TulipGirl said...

My sister-in-law is due any day with twins. . . I know it is a whole 'nother ball game when there are two babies at once, rather than one.

And like others have said. . . you are just the parents God gave to those boys--and those boys are just the right babies for you. No matter what any other parent, book, or idea says.

It sounds like you have a lot of good support. I'm wanting to learn more about twins to be supportive of my SIL.